You're Invited To Mission U: A Culture Of Outreach

You Are Invited To Mission U: A Culture Of Outreach

When: Saturday, October 1 @ 9 am – 2 pm (Lunch provided)

Cost: $10 ($15 after Wednesday, September 28)

Where: Immanuel’s Sanctuary

Speaker: Deb Erdmann

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Please join us as we examine the secular culture that defines present-day North America and how the church is often perceived as irrelevant. We will identify specific ways our congregation can build a culture of outreach that identifies and address the needs in our community, and explore ways to turn conversations to the Gospel. Finally, we will explore ways the congregation can encourage worship and discipleship inside and outside of the church building.

SECTION ONE calls attention to the huge shift in the secular culture over the past several decades, to the extent that the church is sometimes seen as irrelevant and out of touch.

SECTION TWO focuses on how our church can cultivate a culture of outreach that builds a bridge into our community, and become missional in all that we do. It examines the role of prayer, honesty, and stories to have credibility with those who are skeptical of organized religion.

SECTION THREE will discuss ways to become knowledgeable, active, present, and visible in the community, providing opportunities to share the One, True God in a way that people can hear—and respond. Discussion will be tailored to our region of New England.

SECTION FOUR focuses on how to draw and welcome all kinds of people that Jesus loves into worship and the church, once community credibility is established.

God Bless,

Pastor Joel