A Place at the Table for You

 “Jesus, I will ponder now On your holy passion; With your Spirit me endow For such meditation. Grant that I in love and faith May the image cherish Of your suff’ring, pain, and death That I may not perish.” - “Jesus, I Will Ponder Now” (LSB 440, v. 1)

“Places of the Passion” is our Lenten mid-week series theme this year that meditates on the Passion of Jesus Christ in the Gospel of Luke. Each portion of the series focuses on a different place in the Passion of our Lord and discovers in that place the gracious work of God.

What is important in these places is not the physical surroundings but the spiritual dispositions of the people who gather there. Again and again, we will see God’s people, from the religious and political leaders to the disciples, revealing the sinful ways of the human heart. Yet, again and again, Jesus will reveal how He enters these physical places to bring about salvation and spiritual change. The most troubling places of our lives become the most amazing places of God’s grace when Jesus visits them. By our meditation on the work of God revealed in and through the depth of Christ’s suffering on our behalf, we will learn to bring our sins to the Savior that He might save us with his powerful and passionate love.

In Jesus’ journey toward the Cross, we see our Savior graciously working through His Word even in the face of evil. In Him, we see how God has worked in the midst of evil, to prepare a place for us to gather at His table and be fed with the bread of life. May God bless your Lenten journey beside the Savior who suffered for you!

God Bless,

Pastor Joel