Good News about the United Methodist Church

It's right to acknowledge good news, and here's some: This past June the United Methodist Church, in convention, voted to exit the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

The primary significance of this is that it's always good when a Church confesses the truth about life.

In this case there's additional significance: the UMC was a founding member of the RCRC. Yes, right after the Supreme Court issued its terrible Roe vs. Wade ruling Churches lined up to express their agreement about this new-found "right." It boggles the mind that Churches took this stance, but that's the history of it. The UMC was right there at the beginning.

Consider the courage it took for a church body to re-evaluate its stance on such a major issue. Consider the faithfulness that it took for them to let the Word of God speak louder than the ruling of a court of humans. The biblical word for this is repentance. This truly is a change of direction. We trust that nothing but the work of God could have accomplished it.

Just to review a little: The RCRC is one of those organizations that has changed its name. It began its life as the Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights.

Apparently some felt that to be a little too much honesty, so they switched it to the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. As is often the case, when we start anesthetizing the words, you can be sure that something unspeakable is going on. Like the old South's "peculiar institution" or Nazi Germany's "Final Solution," the words "reproductive choice" just sound so much better than to say that we're clinically ending the life of babies.

Happily, the UMC has seen through the fog, and joined the majority of Christians in saying that, whatever the polls or the courts say, God is on the side of life.

Leaving us with an important decision ourselves. Whenever someone returns to the fold, there will always be some who meet it with a begrudging reception. "Well, it's about time." Or even, "Where have they been all this time?"

This is not the voice of Christ! When the Prodigal returns, there's a party. When the lost sheep is found, there's rejoicing.

So let's be glad that our brothers and sisters in the UMC confess the truth, popular or not, about life. We join arms with them, we thank God for them, and we continue to pray that our nation itself would return to God's ways.

God Bless,

Pastor Walt